Vice-Chancellor’s Message

Dear Student,
Karnataka State Open University is in the forefront of extending higher education facilities and creating opportunities for an ever greater proportion of the population. KSOU is striving hard to broaden the perspectives in education and research that creates new understanding, new possibilities and the potential for action. This is facilitated by providing a store of knowledge and capabilities that society as a whole has been able to draw upon.
Academics at Karnataka State Open University have identified the trends, examined them, considered their implications and have explored how they play out into the future. KSOU sincerely believes that a better educated person should possess an improved ability to question and demand increased transparency in all spheres of life. KSOU understands that your education can help drive the innovation which results in economic growth, national development and improved human welfare.
The knowledge economy of the new age identifies your knowledge as the most important form of capital and education is considered to be one of the most important sources of such new knowledge. The academic communities of scholars at KSOU possess research skill that fathoms the length and depth of academic activity and of education in research intensive environment. This provides a distinctive and distinguishing experience, especially for the students of education. I hope the experience of sharing some common attributes and promoting well-established values of scholarship would connect us, through cooperation and make us strive for higher levels of effectiveness, excellence and performance.
Best Wishes
Prof. D. Shivalingaiah
Vice Chancellor