With a view to extend the dissemination of knowledge, the Karnataka State Open University has established Prasaaraanga. The system of imparting education by KSOU is quite different from conventional Universities. In accordance with the motto of “Higher Education to Everyone, Everywhere”, the University has plans to implement programmes to reach the unreached.

Though the learners of various academic programmes are always kept in view, the motto of KSOU is not forgotten while planning the activities. The ambition and scope is also to unveil the different dimensions of knowledge. Steps have already been initiated for getting contribution of great-value, written by eminent Scholars of different disciplines for publication through Prasaaraanga. Some of the prominent areas visualized are : Contextual literary series, Health series, Farming series, Thinkers and Achievers series, Psychology series, Science series, Folklore series, Translation series etc.


The Prasaaraanga of the KSOU completed its second year of fruitful activities on the 15th of March 2010. Prasaaraanga has brought out 40 books to date. These Forty books pertain to different fields of study namely Pooraka Patya maale, Aarogya maale, Krushi maale,. Jaanapada maale, Shikshana Saadhakaru, etc. In addition to those mentioned above, a quarterly titled ‘Muktha Adhyayana’ is being published by the Prasaaraanga. As a result five volumes has already been published and the sixth one is getting ready for publication. Each volume contains 150 pages wherein different subjects written by scholars from various fields have contributed through their articles. In order to expand the activities of Prasaaraanga, the University aims at releasing these publications at Study Centres and Regional Centres. It is proposed to have extension lectures during Contact Programmes of different disciplines in different Centres also.

Government of Karnataka has released grants under ‘Kannada Development Plan’. Prasaaraanga has planned to bring out two volumes entitled ‘Mysore Darshana’ and the work is in progress. Each Volume is expected to be around thousand pages. In Karnataka, Mysore City occupies an unique place. It has attracted the attention of everyone by its art, architecture, literature, culture, history and tradition. All these will be discussed and portrayed in details in these two volumes which will give a comprehensive view of the cultural city.

Prasaaraanga is actively engaged in productive academic work at the KSOU through its invaluable publications, extension activities and lectures.

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